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The Best Wedding Florist in  the San Francisco Bay Area

Here at Urban Botanica San Francisco, our team of wedding floral designers thoroughly enjoy a hearty celebration. We specialize in designing stunning wedding flowers that showcase your heart and dreams through the medium of aesthetically pleasing plant art. Whether you envision delightful flower decorations, a gorgeous floral crown, unique bridal bouquets for each of your bridesmaids or bunches of tender foliage to line your tables and aisle, Urban Botanica’s team of highly skilled event floral designers can make your dream come to life. Let’s collaborate together to make your wedding unforgettable!

Every Season Is Wedding Season!

Urban Botanica is a passionate lover of marvelous weddings and showstopping nuptials. We know that the most meaningful weddings are those filled with love, laughter, and of course, lots of flowers! We are experts at skillfully weaving together your story and telling it visually with fragrant florae and sparkling centerpieces. We want you to relax and enjoy your big day, knowing you are in good hands. Every wedding is personal and unique and requires a trained eye and stellar team to make it come to life. We understand that it takes a floral connoisseur to make your original conception into a reality, that’s why we’ve consistently been called the best wedding florist in San Francisco. From whimsical floral crowns to bright and bursting bridal bouquet, Urban Botanica takes the cake for the best wedding florists in San Francisco.

What's Your Story?

At Urban Botanica, we love to create visual art with floral arrangements that tell a lover’s story. We recognize that every couple is unique and every flower that goes along with them should be, too! What makes you tick, what brings you to life, and how can we make that reality for you? Were you high school sweethearts, fell in love young and never looked back? We have a particular rose for that! Was it love at first sight, eating buttery croissants over a bridge in Paris? There’s a romantic bouquet to tell that story! Or are you outdoorsy and enjoy sunshine, hikes in the mountains and bike rides along the California coastline? We have an arrangement for you, too! Whether you’re a minimalist and your style is clean and contemporary, or you’re a fashionable young hipster looking to have a darn good time, we can put it all together for you and make your wedding an unforgettable and spectacular adventure. Your story is unique. Let us make it so.

A Little Something For Everyone

From trendy hipster flower arrangements to weddings that keep it classic with a black suit and tie, Urban Botanica has something for everyone. Do you envision your perfect day, deep in the redwoods, exchanging vows under the moonlight? Are you thinking of a more traditional approach, in a church with a steeple and stained-glass windows? Or does an old-school barn with a dance floor and karaoke sound like your style? Take your pick, and we’ll do the heavy lifting! We are skilled wedding floral designers, and we exist to make your event as precious as you and your partner are. Your bridal bouquets and wedding centerpieces are custom designed to create what’s on your mind tangibly. We are also aware that specific smells are an intimate part of celebrations and we can help you pair florae that associate certain memories with your special day. Our bridal floral boutique is sure to fit your fancy, whatever your fairytale wedding looks like! Let us partner with you to create an intentional atmosphere and design personalized wedding flowers that you’ll remember for a lifetime.

Be At Peace

We know that wedding planning can be overwhelming and stressful at times, and we personally understand because some of us have been in your (pearly white) shoes at one point, too! We know that you have a lot on your plate, from hiring caterers to sending invitations, to making sure your cousin won’t crash the wedding and finding the ring that your maid of honor somehow misplaced! We totally get that the last thing you want is to stress about your flowers, and so we’ve honed this whole wedding thing down to an art and a science. Urban Botanica is here to the rescue. Take a deep, comforting breath and know that we are experienced floral wedding designers with a deep appreciation for making meaningful memories. We are masters at creating a unique atmosphere that collaborates with your vision and doing it all with style and ease. Our team is knowledgeable, compassionate, and can give hugs and encouragement if the going gets tough. Let our team at of experienced visual artists at Urban Botanica take care of you so you can enjoy what matters most – your big, exciting day and your beautiful future ahead of you!

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